We are always looking for contributions so if you have an idea then get in touch with us at:

There are just a few guidelines:

  • It needs to be an ethnographic text (based on your observations of everyday life)

  • It must be written for a non-academic audience

  • Aim for approximately 1500-2000 words

  • It should comment on how inequalities get produced or how they get resisted in everyday life

If you want a guide on style then take a read of some the texts we have previously published!


What to expect when you get in touch:

  • If you just want to send us an idea to begin with then we are happy to share our thoughts and give you some timelines for turn around based on our current workflow.

  • If you send us a text, we will expect it to meet the guidelines above. If it doesn’t then we’ll let you know and send it back to you before making any further comments.

  • We will send back comments and suggestions on drafts (usually 1 or 2 iterations) until both you as the author and we as editors have collaboratively come to a point where all are happy for the text to be published. It is the author’s work and views, but we as editors want to ensure it meets the style and aims of the blog, and that we have helped the author make it the best work it can be.

  • We are particularly interested in helping early career researchers or non-academics develop their texts, as well as working with more established academics.
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