Who we are

This blog is the work of Alfonso Del Percio and Hannah Cowan who are both academics based in London, UK. From time to time there are guest bloggers who are also working on issues around inequality in the UK. Click here to see how you can contribute a text.


Alfonso Del Percio

95387319_659425628224583_3825787911853309952_nAlfonso is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at UCL Institute of Education. He carries out ethnographic research looking at the relationship between language and the political economy, with a focus on migration and the links between language, work, and social inequality. He was trained in Switzerland at the University of Fribourg and the University of St. Gallen, and was a visiting PhD student at The University of Chicago.


Hannah Cowan

profile photoHannah is a researcher at King’s College London and is interested in everyday activism and health. She has just finished her PhD looking at how class and gender inequalities get practiced in the NHS, and continues to think about the everyday practices that make up “big” institutions such as universities and healthcare services. She was trained at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Queen Mary University, and The University of Cambridge.


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